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Pet world Insider Radio – Terri Steuben – Animal Communicator

In this Pet World Radio Segment we sit down with Terri Steuben, animal communicator, book author, pet expert and more.  So much great information and wonderful insights …listen and learn from Terri as she discusses being an animal communicator.

Enjoy this Pet World Radio Segment in case a station near you does not currently carry Pet World Radio on the EMB network!

From her website:  Terri Steuben

About Terri Steuben

Terri Steuben has always had a way with animals. She was born with the ability to talk to creatures big and small—and this is something that is completely natural for her. In fact, it wasn’t until the third grade that she discovered other people can’t do what she does. Because she communicates with all kinds of winged, scaled and furry animals, people have called her “weird,” “crazy,” “gifted,” “remarkable” and even “The Voodoo Lady.”

But…people seek out Terri when they need help with their animals. She gets called when pets go missing or are behaving badly. She gets called by owners (and some veterinarians) as a last resort in pinpointing a pet’s health problem. She gets called by both animal and disaster-response organizations to help keep pets safe in emergency situations.

Terri radiates the kind of warmth and calmness that attracts both people and animals. She is down to earth and honest. Her level-headed approach, years of experience and sense of humor enable her to successfully deal with the everyday and unusual situations of pet owners.

Terri also gives back to her community. She can be seen at pet events all over Southern California and volunteers at shelters and adoption events. You might have seen her on the television news showing pets that need a loving home.

Terri is an author, teacher and caregiver. She focuses on bringing animals and humans together in remarkable ways.

For more information about her book, advice and pet expertise visit her website:  Terri Steuben


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