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Pet World Insider Radio Segment – Barfworld – Rob Mueller – BARF Food + Allergies + Raw Food & More Pet Nutrition PWI Product News PWI Radio 

Pet World Insider Radio Segment – Barfworld – Rob Mueller – BARF Food + Allergies + Raw Food & More


On this Saturday Pet Products Pet World Radio Segment we talk with the Barfworld Founder & Pet Nutrition expert about his Pet Product Line – BARF Food, Dog Allergy Issues & Food, Raw Food Myths & issues and so much more…

Enjoy this Pet World Radio Segment in case a station near you does not currently carry Pet World Radio!

Read more at their wonderful website:  BARFWORLD

An excerpt from their website:

Our Pets Are Family Too

BARF World’s mission is to dramatically improve the health, longevity and quality of life of our pets by promoting evolutionary nutrition, natural pet products, and holistic health care solutions. Because our pets are family too!

What Is BARF

The short answer is: The best food that you can feed your pet.

BARF is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It is a complete and carefully balanced blend of raw meat, fruits, vegetable and bone. Our formula mimics what nature has designed our pet’s to thrive on in the wild. The result is a pet free of allergies, digestive problems and full of life!

If you’re new to the concept of feeding your pets a raw food diet, you’ve no doubt got some questions on why this stuff works, how to get started and what to expect once you’ve made the switch. We get that!

Below you can find the answers you’re looking for as well as meet the fun, animal-loving humans who make BARF World such an amazing company to work with.


Here is some more information about the benefits of raw food and why so many pets have thrived on the BARF Diet.

Raw Benefits

New to raw? Do you have questions on how to make the switch to BARF? Find out the answers to the most commonly asked questions about making the switch to the BARF Diet.

Is It Safe?

Some new-comers to the raw world will ask us if it is safe. The answers below quickly turn concern to excitement.

Does it Work???

Oh boy, does it! Most pet owners try the diet to relieve a specific problem and are delighted with the results.

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