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Twelve Days of Christmas – Day Nine – Pet Product TV – Welly Tails – Fortified Wild Ocean Fish Oil

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Pet Product TV is proud to celebrate the Twelve Days of Pet Christmas with the Ninth Day of Christmas featuring Welly Tails – Fortified Wild Ocean Fish Oil!

Sandy and Robert discuss this uniquely packaged Fortified Wild Ocean Fish Oil! WellyTails Fortified Wild Ocean Fish Oil Is packaged in a medical dosing pump device that protects the delicate fish oil from oxygen (air). Fresh fish oil delivers the many natural health benefits without the risks associated with free radical damage. Never use a shampoo bottle type pump to dose your fish oil as you are pumping air into the oil making it become oxidized and rancid. This is important because this fresh, healthy Fish Oil product can provide so many important health benefits to our Dogs.

About the Welly Tails – Fortified Wild Ocean Fish Oil:

The benefits to dogs from EPA and DHA found in fish oil include:

Improving the coat and skin condition with less dryness and less itchy skin

Coat has a healthy shinny gloss

Reducing inflammation pain in common conditions like arthritis, environmental allergies, and bowel disease.

Helping to better regulate the immune system, boosting suppressed systems and regulating overactive immune systems from environmental allergies or autoimmune diseases.

Supporting eye, nerve and brain development of fetuses and growing puppies, and supporting/improving cognitive function in older dogs.

Helping to prevent cancer.

Helping maintain healthy weight and with weight loss in overweight dogs.


Omega-3 fats are extremely fragile and are VERY easily damaged by oxygen. This is true for ALL omega-3 sources, whether animal-based or plant-based.

Oxidation starts as soon as the oil comes into contact with oxygen (air) from the environment. Therefore, as soon as fish oil supplements are opened, oxidation can take place. When the delicate EPA and DHA fats in fish oil oxidize they become lipid peroxides, which cause free-radical damage and are proponents of diseases, such as cancer, premature aging is also associated with free-radical damage.

Rancid fish oil free radicals, are harmful to your dog’s health and may cause damage at a cellular level. When a dog consumes rancid fish oils, their body must use its stores of antioxidants such as vitamin E to neutralize the rancid oils, leaving fewer of these resources available to your body for cellular repair and disease prevention.

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