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Twelve Days of Christmas – Day Eight – Pet Product TV – Pet Therapeutics – Therapeutic Pet Comfort

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Pet Product TV is proud to celebrate the Twelve Days of Pet Christmas with the Eighth Day of Christmas featuring PetTherapeutics™!

Sandy and Robert discuss these comforting products for pets. Pets endure many of the same aches and pains and injuries that humans experience. Now, they can benefit from some of the technologies and therapeutic treatments in their place of comfort. The variety of remedies and treatments is fit for pooches of ages and sizes!

About the PetTherapeutics™:

At PetTherapeutics™, we put our heart and soul into creating therapeutic comfort products for your pets. After years of watching our own dog suffer through hip and joint pain, we wanted to find a way to keep dogs and cats pain-free as they traveled, lounged or slept.

It’s easy for veterinarians to prescribe potent drugs that provide pain relief, but what about the side effects? Whether your pet has aches and pains, needs cooling or warmth, or is just craving a comfortable night’s sleep, we’ve created an innovative collection of therapeutic pads to help ensure that the next morning is filled with plenty of tail-wagging, fetch playing and some good old cozy cuddling.

Our goal is to provide your pet with therapeutic comfort, and the potential to heal and enjoy health and wellness.

By combining function and portability, your dog or cat can benefit from the soothing therapy they need, anytime and anywhere!

For more information about the TheraCool, TheraWarm, Orthopetic, Magnapetic and Ultra Plush products from PetTherapeutics™ visit:

Find that anywhere, anytime piece of comfort for your pets and the Must Have Holiday Gift for your favorite furry friends at PetTherapeutics™ by visiting:

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