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Pet X Talks Season 3 – Robin Bennett – The Keys to a Positive & Safe Dog Park Experience Health & Safety Inspirational & Inspiring Miscellaneous Fun PWI TV 

Pet X Talks Season 3 – Robin Bennett – The Keys to a Positive & Safe Dog Park Experience

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Pet X Talks – Robin Bennett – The Dog Park Journey – The Keys to a Positive and Safe Dog Park Experience

Expert Dog Trainer, Author and Pet Expert Robin Bennett speaks about taking your Dog’s to the dog park, the keys to a safe and positive experience. Be able to read your dog’s comfort level for their safety and the safety of others. Find out more from Robin Bennett during this Pet X Talk.

Robin Bennett – The Dog Gurus

About Robin Bennett & The Dog Gurus:

Hi there. I’m Robin Bennett, and I’m a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). I am also an author and a consultant for pet care facilities on the subjects of dog daycare, training and off-leash dog play. In my 20 years in the pet care industry, I’ve become an advocate of safe interactions between dogs and people and between dogs and other dogs.

I have been involved in the pet care industry for the past 20 years as a dog trainer and dog daycare expert. I founded All About Dogs, the largest dog training company in Virginia grew it from a sole proprietorship to a Corporation that boasts over ten instructors teaching private lessons as well as numerous group classes and behavior modification lessons for shy, fearful and aggressive dogs. For 8 years I was also a co-owner of Dream Dog Productions, a business which provided dog related products and resources to pet care professionals.

I successfully owned and operated my own dog daycare for many years. My book All About Dog Daycare: A Blueprint For Success is the number one reference on owning a daycare, and Off Leash Dog Play, co-authored by Susan Briggs is the key reference on supervising dogs in playgroups. I am a speaker on numerous dog daycare and playgroup topics around the country. I have a passion for educating facility owners and staff on safe handling techniques and canine body language with a staff training program developed with Susan Briggs called Knowing Dogs. Together Susan Briggs and I (better known as “The Dog Gurus”) have recently launched the best resource for off-leash play at

I am an active member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and have a B.A. degree from Roanoke College. I regularly attend dog training seminars, have earned Level 1 certification through the Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers (CCPDT), the first national certification for dog trainers.

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