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Pet X Talks – Dr. Melinda Culver – Coconut Oil Vs MCT Oil – What it is & isn’t & the benefits Pet X Talks PWI News PWI Product News PWI TV Slider 

Pet X Talks – Dr. Melinda Culver – Coconut Oil Vs MCT Oil – What it is & isn’t & the benefits

Dr. Melinda Culver from Abitek and Horn Animal Wellness gives us a Pet X Talk about a topic that we are hearing a lot about as a critical part of our pet’s diets – Coconut and MCT Oils.  Dr. Melinda breaks down what these oils are, how they work with the pet’s body and how they can benefit it.  Learn the realities vs. the hype.

More About Dr. Melinda Culver:

Melinda Culver is a veterinarian with a PhD in Animal Sciences from Washington State University. She specializes in ester chemistry emulating products found in nature to produce high-quality pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, and personal care products.  She also acts as an advisor to the Horn School for Animal Wellness. Melinda did her dissertation on “The Growth and Development of Muscle and Fat Cells”, and has authored or co-authored over 30 publications, including extensive work using MCT Oil to craft a healthy diet for animals.

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