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From Santa to the Grinch – 3 Major Issues When Considering Pets As A Gift – Animal Radio Listomania Segment – Robert Semrow’s Weekly Animal Radio List PWI News PWI Radio Slider 

From Santa to the Grinch – 3 Major Issues When Considering Pets As A Gift – Animal Radio Listomania Segment – Robert Semrow’s Weekly Animal Radio List


Animal Radio Listomania Segment – December 19, 2015 –

“From Santa to the Grinch – 3 Major Issues When Considering Pets As A Gift”

Hello everyone, it’s Robert Semrow, your pet world insider here with this weeks Animal Radio List – It’s the holidays and that means finding that awesome gift that everyone will go crazy for. For some out there, thoughts turn to the gift of a pet. It’s a big decision for anyone to get or give a pet as a gift and we thought we’d be Santa’s little helpers here at Animal Radio by giving you a list of some the things that everyone should consider before turning to a pet as a gift.

Alright, the thought of cute puppy, kitten, bird, fish or reptile has been dancing through your head like sugarplums. Well, consider some of these things before you decide if Santa should come down the chimney and deliver a holiday pet.

*Pets require a time commitment. This is a lifelong commitment for your pet and for it’s adopted family. Look at the situation and ask yourself, how much time is available to devote that new pet. If it’s a new puppy or kitten, you are going to have training requirements that are going to cut in to any schedule, if not your favorite furniture or fuzzy slippers. All pets require a time commitment for care, exercise, bonding and in many cases behavior. Also, pets like birds can live from 10 – 50 to 80 years or more…Dogs and cats live for decades…keep in mind, your pet is counting on you to be there for the duration. If something happens, what’s your plan for their well-being?

Costs are another consideration. Does your budget have room for additional expenses that come along with new pet? Are you able to provide food, shelter, toys, medical expenses and more for this new pet. These are on-going costs that will continue throughout the lifespan of the pet. Consider additional occasional expenses as well like pet sitters or someone to care for your pets when you on a trip or gone long periods. The costs can be far outweighed by the love of a cute puppy or a cuddly kitten, but they are costs none the less.

Lifestyle – What is the pet’s lifestyle and does it match up with yours? Just because you love to participate in triathlons, doesn’t mean your new pet is going to want to be a part of that. Consider your lifestyle in multiple ways, is your place big enough for the pet you are considering, will you be home enough to provide care and companionship for this new pet? Does your landlord or your significant other allow pets like the one you are considering? Will your new pet wear an ugly Christmas sweater in next years family Christmas card? OK, some consideration are more important than others, but the point remains it’s important to give consideration to this important decision to add a family member.

Giving the gift of a pet can make you feel like Santa, only to turn you in the Grinch if you don’t put time and consideration in your choice of the perfect pet for the circumstance that exist not only today, but as best you can predict for the future. One last thought for all of you with a pet on your holiday gift list…adopt, don’t shop and if you are looking for that perfect pet addition to your family, consider an adult. They’ve often already been trained, are well adapted and just looking someone’s heartfelt love this holiday season.

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